[Snort-users] My Machine as Source

Briggs, Bruce Bruce.Briggs at ...13183...
Thu Apr 14 06:28:08 EDT 2005 is fairfax.com.au.
Perhaps you were surfing a web site from that machine.

I have turned off  the sfportscan preprocessor as I was finding too many
false positives and no easy way to fine tune what the preprocessor


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Hi All,

just started using Snort/Base on a test machine, although, the machine 
is part of a LAN/Internet setup. I'm using it just to learn the basics 
etc. Anyway, I see my machine, as the source address for 
(portscan) Open Port on addresses on the net, for example, 
Why is that..? More so, what is it..? False alrms, perhaps.? A zombie, 
perhaps..? Cheers.

Mark Sargent.

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