[Snort-users] Base 1.1.2 not displaying any information from the database

Joseph Nicholson wjnicholson at ...11827...
Wed Apr 13 10:44:48 EDT 2005

I am running Snort 2.3.2 and Base 1.1.2.  I followed the install guide
by Patrick Harper step by step and Base is not picking up any of the
alerts that snort is generating.  Acutally base is not picking
anything up.  I went through all my config files several times and
made sure everything was 100% correct.

I have found one thing that makes me almost certain that Snort is
logging to the DB and that Base is reading.  When I click on Cache &
Status at the bottom of Base, I see the following under Alert
Information Cache:

Alert Information Cache:
Total Events: 21053  

When I run snort and open this page and update the Alert cache this
number increments with the number of alerts that snort is producing.

After checking all my config files and reinstalling this server
several times following all the instructions step by step (almost step
by step, I did use newer software versions than what the instructions
called for) I am really at a loss as to what the problem could be.  I
would appreciate any suggestions that anyone may have.

Thank you for your time!

Joseph Nicholson

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