[Snort-users] Newbie: What does this mean?

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It sounds like your sensor is outside your firewall/NAT box.  If so, you
could run tcpdump, or your favorite packet sniffer, on the internal network,
which would allow you to correlate events with your snort sensor logs.  You
could use the time/date of the tcpdump output to determine which local
workstation or server is triggering the alert.  Just be sure that your
sensor and the PC you run tcpdump on are showing the same time (to allow you
to correlate events between the two).  


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Briggs, Bruce wrote:

> Why do you believe it is your server which is doing this?
> Why not a workstation - some user going to Hotmail?

Well, I cannot know. ClamWin didn't find anything on the only possible
(Windows) computer. I could have been a Java Applet having "fun" on
the Net. 

I'm still wondering what it could be...


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