[Snort-users] Sensor Problem

Jitendra Gupta jitendrakrgupta_snort at ...5176...
Tue Apr 12 07:08:20 EDT 2005

Hello List,
          I have installed a snort 2.3.2 server and as
a sensor to this snort server, a snort on another
system on the same network.I have also granted all
previliges to the sensor for access to the server's
sql database of snort.The sensor is also able to
connect to the server's database as I have seen an
entry of the sensor in the sensor table of the snort
database and also while starting snort on the sensor
by the below command ,it does not report any error
message.But after starting snort ,both in the server
as well as in the sensor,my acid web page does not
show the Sensors = 2(1 for the server and another for
the sensor I think).I believe that though the sensor
is able to connect to the server but it cannot log to
the snort database.I have also checked the snort
database but it has no logs reported from the sensor.
I donot know where the problem is.
While starting snort on the server as well as the
sensor I use the following command without any error:-
    snort -dev -c snort.conf

Please help me out.
Thanks in advance for you help.

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