[Snort-users] Need help converting Snort 2.0 config to Snort 2.3

Bill Warren bwarren at ...12173...
Mon Apr 11 10:59:45 EDT 2005

I have been given a box with Snort 2.0 and been told to build a new one 
with Snort 2.3.  In my old snort.conf file I have:

preprocessor portscan2: scanners_max 256, targets_max 1024, target_limit 5, port_limit 20, timeout 60

I am not finding it in Snort 2.3's snort.conf file.  I did find the 
flow-portscan but I am not sure how to convert what I had to the new way 
or if I am even looking in the correct place.


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