[Snort-users] Honeynet Security Console 2.0 Released

Jeff Dell jdell at ...1095...
Wed Apr 6 06:35:35 EDT 2005

I am pleased to announce the release of Honeynet Security Console(HSC)
version 2.0 For Windows 2000/XP. Honeynet Security Console is an analysis
tool to view events on your personal network or honeynet. It gives you the
power to view events from Snort, TCPDump, Firewall, Syslog and Sebek logs.
It also allows you to correlate events between each of these data types to
have a full view of the attackers' actions. 

This tool is not only for honeynets, it is also a great interface to view
snort events. With both Honeynet Security Console and IDS Policy Manager
(also at activeworx.org) you have a complete solution to manage your snort
rules and view the events. 

 Some of the new features of Honeynet Security Console are: 

* Additional search capabilities to IDS events.
* Additional graphs and updated existing graphs.
* Added Search capabilities to IDS event payload.
* all new look and feel for 2005!
* plus a lot more...

To download this free software or get more details about this product, visit
our website at : 

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