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Kevin Johnson kjohnson at ...12400...
Sun Apr 3 14:19:37 EDT 2005

Hey everyone!  I know it's been two months of waiting and two months of painstaking work (for us) getting all the new features of 
BASE working, as well as all of the bugs you've submitted fixed (thanks for letting us know about them!!).  

But here it is, our biggest release yet, 1.1

Why do we say it's our biggest release?  Just take a look at some of the things we've built into it!

	For those of you that found jpgraph too hard to install 
	(and for those of you that have read the jpgraph license agreement for corporate environments.) 
	It's gone!  After you install BASE 1.1, go ahead and delete jpgraph!
-- Created a standalone cache program
	This program can run via a schedule or manually.  It will then automatically update any of the DB caches in BASE.
	This removes the need for BASE to do this, which results in a much faster interface.
-- Auto-Packet Decode. 
	(Don't want to look at your packet dumps in hex?  Fine!  Check it out in Plain text mode!) 
	(We believe we are the only web-based Snort tool to do this!)
-- Created a cookie that will remember if you want plain-text or hex display.
-- Review of the Archive Database from the same console.  
	You no longer have to maintain two copies of BASE anymore! 
	Just one copy will work with both your current DB and your archive DB.
-- Support for themes. 
	(Don't like the colors associated with BASE, or want to design your own interface?  Our theme engine is css, 
	the beauty of the possibly of the design in CSS is unmatched.  
	We also have a new place on our project website for these!  Submit yours now!)
-- Oracle Support. 
	(The Oracle support is preliminary and will get better as users help report problems with it.)
-- We've simplified the Graph Form to make it more user friendly.
-- Added a functionality to be able to use multiple BASE interfaces on the same screen and keep them all straight.
	We display the "InstallID" in the title bar for you to be able to determine which is which.

We have also fixed an enormous number of bugs that have been bothering us and our users.

List of Bugs we've fixed in this release:
-- Fixed the signature lookup mechanism for the new Snort.org website.
-- Fixed a bug where the PostgreSQL setup wasn't functioning correctly. -- Thanks C. Bensend
-- Fixed the "Call to undefined function" bug in "Whois Cache".
-- Fixed a coding error brought over from ACID that gets Source and Destination Ports backwards when describing them.
-- Fixed a bug that existed if there were no users in the db.
-- Fixed a bug that "garbled BASE Web UI messages in the Japanese character codeset".
-- Fixed a bug that was found when going from one alert to the next using the "Next" and "Back" buttons.  
	The Alert numbers were incorrect!
-- Fixes to the Portuguese language File. -- Thanks Thiago Martins
-- Fixed a bug where the "distinct IP" links didn't display "distinct IPs".
-- Fixed a bug where the Pie Charts weren't functioning.
-- Fixed an error in the German language File. -- Thanks Heinrich Lieker
-- Fixed a bug where Archiving an alert would error and say "duplicate entry".
-- Fixed a bug where the IP links would not be sorted in the correct order.
-- Fixed a bug in the base_maintenance.pl program.
-- Fixed a bug where your Search Criteria would be lost if you hit"Back".
-- Fixed an error where you couldn't email from the Alert Group page.-- Thanks Ethan Chai
-- Fixed an error were the Sorting of Alerts and Searches would not be in the correct order.
-- Fixed a bug where php "safe mode" would cause BASE to stop functioning.
-- Fixed a bug where setup would die without telling the user.

This release is, as always, available from our project web site at http://sourceforge.net/projects/secureideas
You can also reach us at base at ...12400...

Please let us know what you think and if you have an idea for a new feature or have found a bug, please post them
on our project web site.

Kevin Johnson and the BASE project team
BASE Project Lead
The next step in IDS analysis!

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