[Snort-users] No Alerts Being Generated

Matthew K. Lee mattl at ...12405...
Wed Sep 29 12:48:01 EDT 2004


1. What are the owner/group permissions of /etc/snort?
2. Have you tried to send it traffic that would trigger a rule?
3. What happens when you do a 'mysql -u snort -p' with snort's password?

Matthew Lee

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Subject: [Snort-users] No Alerts Being Generated

I completed installing snort 2.2.0 (build 30) and have begun running it.
ACID GUI and /var/log/snort/alert files have not shown any alerts
even though the program has been running for over an hour. To verify
there were
no syntax errors in the snort.conf file, I ran the following:

snort -c /etc/snort/snort.conf

There were no errors and warnings, and the program appears to be running
properly. Where in snort.conf and elsewhere, should I check for 
configuration mistakes? I have included the snort.conf file here.


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