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Mon Sep 27 20:06:24 EDT 2004

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> At 12:36 PM 9/27/2004, Bill Warren wrote:
> >Can anybody suggest a good hub to sniff with?   I have found out the some
> >of the "hubs" are just cheap switchs with very small arp cache.  I need a
> >least 4 ports.  I had been using the one from HP but, they stopped making
> >them.  BTW the linksys hubs are switchs.
> *ALL* 10/100 dual-speed hubs must have some switching behavior, no matter
> who makes it.
> It's physically impossible to be dual speed and not switch. If you think
> about passively repeating all traffic from a 100mbit segment into a
> segment.. You'll be speed limited by the 10mbit segment, thus you'll be
> relegated to being a 10mbit hub not a dual speed.
> Some dual-speed hubs behave like a 10mbit hub and a 100mbit hub connected
> by a two-port switch. Thus, if all ports are the same rate, it's a hub.
> However, these are not common anymore. It's much more common nowdays for
> "dual speed hubs" to be switches that don't support full-duplex and have
> If you want a pure passive hub, you're going to have to get a single-speed
> one, and these are becoming more and more rare. I keep an eye on
> liquidators like www.compgeeks.com. A while back they had a batch of old
> 3com 100mbit pure-passive single-speed hubs in and I got one for about
> I also got a 10mbit hub at the same time.
> Although more costly, it's getting to the point where it's much easier to
> find a low-end 10/100 managed switch that has SPAN capabilities, such as
> the Cisco catalyst 2950 12pt (about $500 ) .

I just got my hands on a Entrasys (Cabletron) ELS100-TXM 24 port 10/100
switch with 802.1q and port mirror
capability for the whopping sum of $85.00 US (inc. fed ex ground shipping),
and it will sniff all the traffic ya
want, along with VLANS, CoS, QoS, Trunking, etc...


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