[Snort-users] ACID with multiple Sensors?

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Configure your multiple sensors to all log to the same MYSL database,
each with a different sensor ID or name.  I have not done this without
using barnyard.  But, in my experience in the past I had to manually
create the additional sensor entries in the sensor table in the MySQL
db, for each of the additional sensors.  Things may have changed a
little, so someone may have something to add, as I am no longer using
this method myself.  But, it did work in the past with this type of

7 snort sensors.  Each running snort and barnyard.  Each instance of
barnyard configured with a unique snort id to reference in the db,
sending alerts to a single MySQL DB.

Scott Gould, MCP
Senior Network & Systems Analyst
Gynecologic Oncology Group 
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I just got ACID, PHP, MySQL installed on my Snort box.  Then hit it hard

with Nessus to make sure that it works and it does.  When I was reading 
the results I saw that I could search multiple senors.  So, my question 
is how do I make multiple Snort boxes talk to each other?



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