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Snort has two output facilities: "alert" and "log". Each facility is
assigned a default output format if none is specified. For the alert
facility the default is the /var/log/snort/alert file, for the log
facility, it is those funky addr:port files in /var/log/snort. By
using "output database: log" you have changed the log facility from
the default, to using the DB, but you have done nothing with the alert
facility. Since alert calls log (as long as the function was called
with a pointer to a packet), you can safely turn off any alert output
by using '-A none' (and -N would turn off any log output).


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An update, 


I found the problem, on a hunch I checked /var/log/snort and noticed a
big ol' file sitting there.  So I deleted it...problem fixed.  Why is
snort logging to this file when I have it configured to replicate the
events to a db?


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