[Snort-users] An acid problem.

kinux kinux at ...11852...
Thu Sep 23 23:12:05 EDT 2004


i installed snort, mysql, acid by ports on a freebsd box. 
When i try to display Alert Listing: 15 Last Alerts, there is nothing show on the
screen.  as following.  What's the problem?

     Alert Listing: 15 Last Alerts Home
            Search   |   AG Maintenance

      [ Back ]

Added 0 alert(s) to the Alert cache
 Queried DB on : Fri September 24, 2004 10:22:20 Meta Criteria    any
                  IP Criteria    any
                  Layer 4 Criteria    none
                  Payload Criteria    any

Displaying 15 Last Alerts

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