[Snort-users] Barnyard and Multiple DB Connections

John Creegan jcreegan at ...9729...
Wed Sep 22 11:50:04 EDT 2004

You can do this with just one ACID db, assuming that everyone is looking for alerts that do not cross purposes.  If not, you could certainly create then populate clones of the ACID db and configuration page, point the ACID configuration page clones to new db's, then point your browser at the clone pages.  Still, this seems like a bit more work than it seems you need.  And, you'd still have to get the archive done before you replicate to the clone db's.

Have you considered ACID alert groups?

>>> Jason Alexander <lists at ...9901...> 09/22/04 10:43AM >>>
Is is possible to have barnyard output to multiple databases at once. I 
would like to have a database that everyone can look at and remove 
alerts once they have been process but would like to keep an archive 
database of everything that was logged for reference.


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