[Snort-users] New user question(s)

Chris cpollock at ...741...
Tue Sep 21 23:11:24 EDT 2004

I've setup snort, modified the snort.conf, have it running, but, reading the 
FAQ I've got a few questions.  

1.  What is the difference in running snortd vice snort w/cl parameters?
2.  Reading the FAQ it states to start snort with snort -A full -c 
snort.conf then in the next line it states:

Note that the default output mode (-A full) of snort should not be used 
in very controlled environments. It is the slowest way to run snort and
presents several hard to recover from problems with inode creation on

So, if this causes problems, how then should snort be started?

3.  I run no servers on my box.  I've set it up in the belief that if would 
compliment my firewall.  If my firewall is working sufficiently in my 
opinion, then do I even need to run an IDS?

I apologize in advance for the seemingly "dumb newbie questions"


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