[Snort-users] clearing logs in acid console

Jose Maria Lopez jkerouac at ...12346...
Tue Sep 21 05:20:19 EDT 2004

El vie, 17 de 09 de 2004 a las 20:37, support escribió:
> Hi jose
> Thanks for your help
> But I am facing problem if snort is that the /usr partition is going
> 100% utilized becoz of which acid console is not showing any new alerts
> . can u tell me how and which files to delete from this partition in
> order to work out.
> Regards, 
> raj

You could delete the whole snort directory under the mysql directory,
but then you will have to create the tables for snort and acid from
new. Check this directory and see if you can delete it safely and
create the tables for acid from new.

Maybe someone can give you better advice.

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