[Snort-users] The System works !! one question please

Juan Fernandez Juan.Fernandez at ...2210...
Tue Sep 21 01:24:03 EDT 2004

The problem if I use cidr is that in the range there will be ip's that they
don't have http servers on tham .

What will be the result of that ?

I am trying to reduce false positives...

I received another replay from Alex.Butcher he is offering the folowing :

It looks like Snort's configuration file parser has a maximum line length of
1024 characters (defined by STD_BUF in src/snort.h). To (try to) change
this, you'll need to modify that definition in snort.h and rebuild.

Alternatively, a workaround would be to define two or more variables, and
duplicate the signatures that use HTTP_SERVERS.

I am afraid to compile again... after so much work it took me to start it

What u soggest ?

Thanks !!

I am reading the book of jack koziol.

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Can you use cidr?  I am not sure if there is a limit or not but would
imagine there is. 

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I tried to insert all of my http servers in HTTP_SERVERS in snort.conf
(I have a 99 servers).


Before modifying the https servers it worked.


DO I have a limitation of ip to enter ( I cant find any syntax error).


After I insert those ip's  and started snort I received the following
error in /var/log/messeges: 


Sep 20 12:20:12 sensjrlan snort: FATAL ERROR: /etc/snort/snort.conf(66)
=> Unknown rule type:


This is the relevant section in snort.conf ( line 65 starts in "var
HTTP.." and line 66 in the empty line after all the ip list):







thanks !!


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