[Snort-users] Advice on IDS across WANS

Patrick Marquetecken patrick.marquetecken at ...1187...
Mon Sep 20 12:31:04 EDT 2004


I must control several snort machines across 3 sites.
SiteA the main site has 1 before the firewall, 1 in the DMZ.

These 2 snort machines are logging to mysql database and are connected 
with a read-only ethernet cable, and with a second network card to a 
fake lan with a console machine to check the logs with snort report.

SiteB and SiteC have both one snort, and are logging to a file.

What can you people on this list advise so that i can read all logs 
from all 5 machines from a console machine in SiteA on the best secure 
way, and if possible with snort report.


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