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Thank you for your interest in Securimine.

How does SFS calculate the 'threat level' in its 'Top Threats Report'?

SFS defines a behavioral model based on logs of events gathered by your
system. SFS then assigns a threat level for each group of alerts,
according to the deviation of this group from the normal behavior of
your specific system. The threat level is calculated in percentage from
0% (no threat - this group of alerts represents behavior that happens in
the system regularly) to 100% (highest threat- SFS could not find any
similar behavior in the behavioral model.

You can find answers to this and other questions at:

If you have additional questions, please let me know.

- Orit

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> SFS version 1.0 may be downloaded for free from the Securimine
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How do you determine "Threat level"?

Attack-Response Invalid URL is the highest threat level on the sample
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