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All the reasons anyone may advance (apart from cost) as to why Snort is
the best option, will also apply to the prospect of purchasing
Sourcefire's commercial version of the IDS.  

The added value of a ready to use version of Snort, together with some
of the bells and whistles which help you to retrieve information from
the raw data Snort produces, plus the purchase of support, will mean
that the commercial version is better than a roll-your-own.  

And why not another commercial version of Snort?  With Sourcefire you
get the support and knowledge of most of the principal developers of the
open source product.

If you can afford it - buy it.

[Just my 2 sheqels]


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Does anyone know of a good paper out (if it does exists) that can
justify why Snort would be an excellent IDS alternative compared to
products made by Cisco or ISS?  I am trying to justify why it would be
best to go with Snort as opposed to some expensive solution from well
known vendors.  Thank you for any help given!


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