[Snort-users] Snort 2.3 CVS branch, and new features

Olaf Schreck chakl at ...931...
Tue Sep 14 02:30:17 EDT 2004

> Also, thanks Dan Roelker of Sourcefire for integrating Snort-Inline
> into the official project and ironing out issues that popped up during
> the process. 
> The inline feature set includes only the core inline functionality.
> This means that DROP, SDROP, and REJECT rule-types are supported. A
> couple of new features were also added during the integration effort,
> which provides inline state and dropping packets with bad checksums.
> The Snort-Inline project will continue to develop new inline features,
> so for the latest advancements in inline functionality, please
> refer to the Snort-Inline project. Further documentation can be found
> in doc/README.INLINE and the Snort-Inline website at
> http://snort-inline.sf.net.

Will that be Linux/iptables only like the original snort-inline?  I'd 
love to see a generic interface that could support *BSD's pf as well.

Olaf Schreck    chakl at ...931...        syscall() Network Solutions, Berlin

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