[Snort-users] Everything works - but I want a different socket. How to tell snort?

"Jan Völker" Jan_Voelker at ...348...
Fri Sep 10 15:20:50 EDT 2004

Hi everybody!

I'm using Snort 2.11 on Mysql 4.0.18. I want to evaluate with ACID and that
program searches for the mysql.sock file only in the standard dir. No
problem so far.

Problem is my old 3.23 Mysql installation I guess. Because snort looks not
/var/lib/mysql for the socket (like ACID does), but in /tmp. I guess this
comes from the old installation. Of course I can tell Mysql to put it's
socket there. But there's apparently no option for ACID to look elsewhere
for a socket.

So my hope is to tell snort to use another directory for the socket. Is that

Kind regards,


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