[Snort-users] General snort question

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Fri Sep 10 14:47:13 EDT 2004

	You only need all of those things on your back end database
server. The sensors (as I recall) will require mysql to be installed,
because the snort binary references the mysql library (unless you link
it statically). You don't need an actual database installed on the
sensor though. Just configure the database output plugins on all of your
sensors to report to the database on your database/web server, and
you're good to go. You don't have to run the database and the web
servers on the same machine either, if you don't want to.
		John McCash

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Hey all!

So I have just installed Snort/Acid on a test server of mine and for the
most part, I'm really enjoying the functionality these two apps provide.
I would like to deploy this IDS on my WAN exposed servers. 

My question to the list is:

Can I do this in a way such that I don't have to install Snort, Acid,
Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc on each of these WAN exposed machines.

I saw that logsnorter provides a way to do this but that it is no longer
supported. I have also read a little something about ethertaps but would
rather not recompile the kernels of 5-8 machines.

Thanks and regards,

Wendell Smith

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