[Snort-users] General snort question

Lyndon Tiu ltiu at ...12200...
Fri Sep 10 12:57:02 EDT 2004

On 10 Sep 2004 15:31:24 -0400 wendels at ...12409... wrote:

> Hey all!


> So I have just installed Snort/Acid on a test server of mine and for the

> most part, I'm really enjoying the functionality these two apps provide.

> I would like to deploy this IDS on my WAN exposed servers. 


> My question to the list is:


> Can I do this in a way such that I don't have to install Snort, Acid,

> Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc on each of these WAN exposed machines.


Are you using Linux?

This is what we did.

You can simply clone machines/hard drives.

Install all of the required software on one machine and copy to the rest, changing only the hostname and ip addresses.

Linux can handle changing hardware pretty well. So if you installed on one machine and clone to a different machine with different hardware, it will detect the new hardware and ask you whether to configure the "new" and "removed" hardware.

Your hard drives will have to be exactly the same though. All the other hardware can be different.


Lyndon Tiu

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