[Snort-users] General snort question

Wendell Smith wendels at ...12409...
Fri Sep 10 12:32:02 EDT 2004

Hey all!

So I have just installed Snort/Acid on a test server of mine and for the
most part, I'm really enjoying the functionality these two apps provide.
I would like to deploy this IDS on my WAN exposed servers. 

My question to the list is:

Can I do this in a way such that I don't have to install Snort, Acid,
Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc on each of these WAN exposed machines.

I saw that logsnorter provides a way to do this but that it is no longer
supported. I have also read a little something about ethertaps but would
rather not recompile the kernels of 5-8 machines.

Thanks and regards,

Wendell Smith

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