[Snort-users] Fork of ACID

Kevin Johnson kjohnson at ...12400...
Wed Sep 8 18:44:15 EDT 2004


I have just started working on a fork of the ACID project.  It is called
the Basic Analysis and Security Engine (BASE).  I have been a fan of
ACID and SnortCenter for awhile now and have seen that development of
ACID has stalled.  Because of this, I have begun to roll the bug fixes
and feature requests from users into BASE.  The link to our project is

Right now we have a released a preliminary release which mainly
accomplished the re-packaging and built a modified directory structure
to enhance development.  We are working on the next release which will
roll in the bug fixes and some of the features requested over the last
year and a half.  We have also updated the ACID plug-in for SnortCenter
to work with BASE.

If you are interested in running BASE, we have made it easy to upgrade. 
We have changed none of the database schema so that if you modify
base_conf.php to point to your current database, everything should work.

We are also very interested in any help, people are willing to provide. 
We are working on a version that is compatible with PHP 5 and are also
trying to add Oracle support.

Again thanks for your time,
Kevin Johnson
BASE project admin
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