[Snort-users] Another Snort Rules Question

Scott Elgram SElgram at ...10477...
Tue Sep 7 16:39:23 EDT 2004

Hello again,
    I have 2 rules....(yes this is pointless and bad practice, I know, just bare with me here).

alert icmp any -> any (msg: "Test ICMP ping 1";)
alert icmp any -> any (msg: "Test ICMP ping 2";)

    Ok, I am 192.168.31 and I ping ACID I get 2 alerts.  One for msg: "Test ICMP ping 1" and one for "Test ICMP ping 2".  Now, I could be wrong here but I thought after a packet is shown true to a rule Snort stops comparing the packet to rules.

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