[Snort-users] NFS file copy vs. snort ???

Jason security at ...5028...
Sun Sep 5 13:03:02 EDT 2004

I doubt Snort is interfering directly with your copy but instead you are 
using under powered hardware for the task of serving NFS and running 
snort. It sounds like Snort is using all CPU so your NFS copies are 
slow... try tuning snort.

Michael D Schleif wrote:

> One of my main systems is connected to several NFS v3 servers; and, this
> box also runs snort.
> Copies, like the following examples, are excruciatingly slo-o-o-o-w-w-w,
> especially when the file is large (e.g., 250 MiB.)
> 	cp -a /remote/tmp/* .
> 	cp -a * /remote/tmp/
> By `slow', I mean in the two-digit kbps ;<
> I do not find anything interesting in `vmstat', nor in
> /var/log/{kern.log,messages,syslog}, nor is snort logging anything, in
> this regard.
> My first clue was noticing snort in `top' alternating in the top 2 or 3
> positions.  Stopping snort on *both* ends of the connection results in file
> transfers that meet my expectations.
> What is going on with this?
> How can I configure snort to *not* interfere with NFS?
> What do you think?

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