[Snort-users] Help with pass rule

sekure sekure at ...11827...
Fri Sep 3 05:44:09 EDT 2004


You are right, 2404 is the correct sid, i mistyped in my initial
response and then I was too quick to reply to your correction.  Sorry,
I knew what I _wanted_ to say, and didn't really pay attention to what
I actually said.

On Fri, 3 Sep 2004 12:00:23 +0530, prabu <prabu333 at ...8908...> wrote:
> Hello Sekure,
>            It was good response with lot of pratical informations for using
> the Windows Rules.Great !!!!!!!
> But,coming back to point,
>   It was You ,who wrote that sig_id is 2405.
>   I corrected it as 2404.But,now u r talking in the otherway,the
> vise-versa.

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