[Snort-users] Urgent..please... Help: Php4.3.3 installation on RH9

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Fri Sep 3 03:36:08 EDT 2004

Wow, 3 e-mails in 2 hours.  You did not pay for a support contract, be
patient, people will help when they are able.  People do this because they
like snort and enjoy helping others but many do get upset when they are
bombarded by someone that has little patience.

As for your problem.   You typo'd, seen it hundreds of times.  rm -rf /www
then start at the apache install portion again.  BUT RH 9 is no longer
supported.  Move to fedora http://fedora.redhat.com I have an updated
install doc on my website (there is a link to the page in the doc you are
using)  Try that.

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Hi friend, Please help me urgently on php4.3.3 install issue
I am installing snort on a Red Hat 9 machine according to Snort; Apache;
PHP; MySQL and Acid and I using the document Install on RH9.0 by Patrick
Harper which I downloaded from the snort web site.
I have a problem with php 4.3.3.; After the install and editing of
/www/conf/httpd.conf I receive the; following error when I try to start
/etc/rc5.d/S85httpd start;
[rootlinuxmgr root]# /etc/rc5.d/S85httpd start; Syntax error on line 231 of
/www/conf/httpd.conf:; Cannot load /www/modules/libphp4.so into server:
/www/modules/libphp4.so:; cannot open shared object file: No such file or
This is the 231 line in /www/conf/httpd.conf :; LoadModule php4_module
modules/libphp4.so; Can anybody quickly help me to come out of the issue.
How to resolve this problem; 
Thanks and regards
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