[Snort-users] Using snort on a per-instance basis....archive databases

Jason Humes jhumes at ...11232...
Fri Oct 29 06:33:28 EDT 2004

I would like to know if there is someway to backup and clean the mysql/snort
database after each use of snort...basically we've got it running on a
notebook and when a client calls with a problem we usually drop the snort
notebook on their network for a week or so...I'm currently just using acid
to manually delete all the alerts in between each customer, but this takes
long and I don't really want to have to loose the data.  I would love to be
able to archive the database after each customer deployment and clean the
database back to a pristine state.  Can this be done?  I've got webmin
installed on this box if that helps me out at all.  Thanks.  Could I then,
after archiving the database for customerX, pull that archive back up and
run through acid for analysis?  Thanks.



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