[Snort-users] IPv6 support

Troy Lancaster troylancaster2000 at ...1396...
Thu Oct 28 05:51:32 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I am a 3rd Year student at Southampton Uni doing a MEng in computer 
engineering and am very interested in network security. as a result i have 
chosen to base my dissertation around developing snort to have IPv6 

i am very new to Snort and IPv6 (just over a week) and am reading as much as i 
can on it at the moment so please be patient with my ignorance. 

I have brought "Snort 2.1 Intrusion Detection 2nd Edition" and am in the 
process of reading through it now. however there seems limited information on 
developing snort to deal with the topic that i am covering. Can anyone please 
give me some references to research into so that i can make a start into 
finding out exactly what files i would have to extend and how to do it etc...

Thanks for your time.

Troy Lancaster
PS: I am running it on Linux (SUSE 9.1 Pro)

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