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Steven and Marc, 

It is a good idea to customize your signatures in order to limit the
alerts only to those interesting to you. However, you are still likely
to receive too many false positives and an enormous amount of data that
is too difficult to analyze.

SFS (Securimine for Snort) is a FREE tool designed to solve this problem
exactly. SFS can be downloaded from
(If your boss is looking for a concise short report that presents the
alerts that happen today which deviate from the normal stream of alerts
- SFS is the tool you are looking for).

In more details, SFS is an automatic analysis tool designed to provide
reports of the POTENTIALLY MOST CRITICAL threats your system is facing.

SFS automatically creates a model based on the behavior of your specific
system. The analysis is done based on this model and the result is a
concise report of the top threats.

Based on the model, a normal behavior will be assigned low threat level
which means you can ignore it. Any abnormal behavior will be assigned a
higher threat level. At the end of the day, the report is easy to read
and gives you the answer to your question: "Is there a real threat on my

SFS is very easy to install and it is FREE. For additional information
including screen shots, please visit www.securimine.com

Good Luck,

Orit Vidas

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What?! You mean, send him all of the positive alerts? 
 Impossible without human intervention/correlation.
You could move some sensors back or set some variables
that look at only important machines, or even setup
another instance of Snort that runs only custom
signatures you're sure never produce false
positives/negative..etc, but then you could very well
miss some legitimate break-ins. You could also try to
customize the IDS so that each signature is customized
to vulnerable servers. IOW, why would I want to
receive an IIS vulnerability alert when my server is
running apache? So I would set a var
$apache_servers=IPaddress(range) and then set each
Apache signature to destination = "$apache_servers",
and at the same time have the IIS signatures only
relate to IIS servers. Wow, there's a concept. 

Nah, you'd have to have a brain look at those first,
and then send them to your presidente (although
products like from ISS contain correlation



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Hi all,

I have snort running the way I want it to run, etc. 
I'm also using
logcheck to watch the logs and email me when someone
exceeds my
thresholds.  Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with how all
of that is

This morning the president of the co. has asked that
he -not- receive
the day to day alerts and would only like to receive
alerts on
"successful" intrusions.

Are there certain rules that would never be triggered
unless someone
actually gets into a monitored system?  Or anything
along those lines?

I know this is a little off the wall, but any
help/suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.

Steven Crandell
steven.crandell at ...11827...

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