[Snort-users] Number of alerts [in]consistency

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Mon Oct 25 08:03:08 EDT 2004

At 05:29 PM 10/23/2004, Stef wrote:
>I have a question regarding alerts being recorded using Snort:
>- environment = MacOSX (10.3.5) + Snort 2.1.3 (build 27)

Does the problem happen in 2.2.0? One of the fixes in between your release 
and 2.2.0 is:

     * src/preprocessors/spp_stream4.c:
       Fixed rebuilt TCP packet munging reported by Steve Halligan.
       Thanks a lot for getting this problem down to pcap so we could
       analyze the problem.

(Fixed between build 28 and build 30 (snort 2.2.0 final))

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