[Snort-users] Snort 2.2 on Debian woody

Ferino Mardo RMardo at ...12589...
Sat Oct 23 04:44:14 EDT 2004

folks, I just installed Debian "woody" with the most basic
configurations. have also updated the kernel (the Debian way) to 2.4.19
with no problems. now I compiled, installed snort-2.2.0 and along the
way of doing a "configure" it complained of not being able to find the
necessary libpcap. so I download, compiled, installed libpcap-0.8.3 and
it got installed in "/usr/local/lib".

I have two questions:

1. for the Debian users out there is this how you made snort-2.2.0 to
compile and install?
2. for the rest, I used "/usr/local/bin/snort -c
/usr/local/etc/snort.conf -d -s -b -D" in my startup scripts. is this
the snort way to do it?

please excuse the obvious but it's been a long day reading all the fine
manuals I just don't know which is right anymore.


Rino Mardo
Network Administrator

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -- Leonardo DaVinci

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