[Snort-users] Monitoring alerts via PDA?

Williams Jon WilliamsJonathan at ...2134...
Fri Oct 22 13:16:04 EDT 2004

I've recently been luck enough to get assigned an 802.11-based PDA at
work.  Amongst other things, it looks as if this will give me the
ability to check up on the IDS when I'm stuck in long meetings, but so
far, the usefulness of this feature is limited by the interface design
of our chosen console (ACID).

Does anyone know of a project to produce something like an ACID-light?
I'm thinking of an interface that's mostly vertical, does away with the
main screen's power bars and drops out/rearranges fields on the list
screens so that it fits better onto the reduced real estate of a PDA or
Internet-enabled cell phone.  I sorta started working on my own and got
the main ACID screen so it fits pretty well, but my near complete lack
of PHP knowledge is preventing me from moving forward on the other



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