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I am not sure if the Vmware is doing anything.  You might want to send this
to the list.  I am forwarding it that way with the reply

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Subject: Snort Problems

Hi Patrick, 

I am a Snort and Linux newbie, and I appreciate your Snort installation
guide.  I'm having problems, however... 

I have everything installed and running on Fedora Core 2 in VMWare 4.5.2 on
Windows XP in bridged mode. 

I can see Snort working when I run it in verbose (I can see the packet
I have the Snort.conf file logging to MySQL and then displaying in ACID. 

The problem is that I cannot see any entries in MySQL, and thus, nothing is
showing in ACID. 

I created a test.rules file and used "alert tcp any any -> any any..." and
saved it in the rules folder.  I then ran "snort -c test.rules" and nothing
happened (this ran cleanly, BTW).

You may think that there might be a problem with Snort not logging to MySQL,
but one time (and one time only) I ran a "snort -c /etc/snort/snort.conf"
and then ctrl-c'd a little while later.  RIGHT when I did so, my ACID page
logged 3 UDP packets.  The signatures read "[snort] SCAN UPnP service
discover attempt" on UDP 1900.  There are 3 identical entries sourcing from
the Host Computer (XP) IP address.

Since then, however, I have never seen any more packets being logged. 

Can you help me, please?  I would be eternally grateful.  Please let me know
what output I can copy and paste for you to see.



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