[Snort-users] Multiple instances of snort on one box?

Drew Stockman Drew.Stockman at ...8272...
Thu Oct 21 12:46:53 EDT 2004

We are trying to consolidate machines and I am being asked if we can put
all of the snort sensors on one box.  I was just wondering if anyone can
point me in the right direction.  I believe I have to run seperate
instances of Snort listening on different NICs, correct?  Also, what
kind of hardware would it take to replace 3 sensors, each listening to a
T-1 connection?  Is there any documentation out there on setting up a
multiple Snort sensor like this?

Drew Stockman 
CIBMIS, Manager of Network Security 
(217)892-9111 Ex. 196
(414)788-0827 (mobile) 


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