[Snort-users] Snort/MSSQL Problems

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Wed Oct 20 11:23:04 EDT 2004

 Hi Aaron,
	Take a look through the mailing list archives for this one. I've been posting about it and hoping it would be addressed for a while. It seems that the fix is mostly implemented... But not quite. Chris Reid is going to put it in eventually...

Chris, I've been good and haven't bothered you for a couple of months. What are the chances you'll be getting to this sometime soon?
		Thanks lots
			John McCash

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I'm trying to get snort, running on Linux, to log packets to MSSQL, running on Windows, but I get the error below on startup. I have a sensor table in the snort db, I've verfied using isql that I can make the odbc connection and the select query succeeds, and I've checked in the MSSQL SQL Profiler and Query Analyzer that the query works w/o any permissions issues. According to the SQL Profiler, snort only ever makes the SELECT query, but it does it twice. It never gets as far as the INSERT. The SELECT, incidentally, returns no rows, since this is the first time I've used snort with this db. Can you give me a hand here? I've tried researching this issue online, and seen no evidence of a solution yet. Thanks!

  When this plugin starts, a SELECT query is run to find the sensor id for the
  currently running sensor. If the sensor id is not found, the plugin will run
  an INSERT query to insert the proper data and generate a new sensor id. Then a
  SELECT query is run to get the newly allocated sensor id. If that fails then
  this error message is generated.

  Some possible causes for this error are:
   * the user does not have proper INSERT or SELECT privileges
   * the sensor table does not exist

  If you are _absolutely_ certain that you have the proper privileges set and
  that your database structure is built properly please let me know if you
  continue to get this error. You can contact me at (roman at ...438...).

Fatal Error, Quitting..
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