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might be a good place to start for general help with Xwindows questions,
however may be a bit confusing.
You might try looking at XFree86 logs (usually in /var/log/) to see if they
give you any clues.

might be a better start

You should look for help on your *specific* version of linux (there is no
version "9") and try to include information about your hardware (what video
card and monitor you have for example).

Try a general search including the "brand" of the distribution (like RedHat
9, Suse 9.1, etc.) as well as any hardware information and also including
some phrases like "screen resolution" "800x600" "1024x768", etc. etc.

Asking vague questions on mailing lists is likely to get you responses that
are less than useful.

It is rather like going to a group of Toyota mechanics and asking:

"I have an SE and I don't like the tires. Can you help me find larger ones?"

You haven't even told them whether it is a car or truck, what model it is,
etc. There are many vehicles that have "SE" as part of their name (not all
of the even Toyotas), so this doesn't give any real identifying information.

They will be unlikely to give you any useful replies and more likely to say
"go away you silly person"... (perhaps not quite in those words).

Most basic questions like this are best handled by some research on your
part *first* before asking for help.

Good luck.

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Hi All
I know this Question is no way related to Snort group ..but still if anyone
can tell me why my Linux 9 is not supporting screen resolution more 800x600
. or tell me a mailing list where I could take some help. Becoz of which I
am unable to view the acid console propely on my linux box
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