[Snort-users] anyone else having problems with OpenAanval 1.52 within the last 2-3 weeks?

Seth Art adidas30 at ...131...
Mon Oct 18 13:40:03 EDT 2004

Has anyone else had problems with OpenAanval 1.52 crashing Firefox 1.0PR and almost
crashing IE in the last 2-3 weeks (on an XPSP2 machine).  

It was hard to diagnose at first because i was using tabbed browsing on Firefox with
acid/yahoo/bleedingsnort/OA all open at the same time.  But then someone on the community
forum (great feature) in the openaanval utility suggested that it was OpenAanval that was
doing the crashing.   

I then started opening OA in IE.  This didn't cause IE to crash but instead my page-file
slowly but steadily grows until it renders my computer slow as molasses.  I checked it
out this morning after leaving OA open all weekend and my XP pagefile was almost maxed
out.  It was at 1.13gb.  I closed the OA IE window and my pagefile dropped to about

Has anyone else been having these problems or just me?   Has anyone found what is causing

I would have asked on the OA community forum but i stopped getting any messages since
10/14 with that as well.  Is this also just me?  



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