[Snort-users] No alerts on ACID

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Is snort able to capture packets on ur network?.

If so,is Snort is logging alerts to ur database?
        Before,running ACID,you can check whether your Snort Database is getting all the logging details from the 
        senor by executing the following SQL query;

        # echo "SELECT count(*) FROM event" | mysql snort_db -u root  -p
         Executing above query on my system,has produced the value,       

        Here,my MySQL database (named as snort_db) contained 4406 alerts.If no alerts are found in the database (i.e. a 0 is returned).
This will help U,to check whether Snort is logging alerts into your Database or not.You must check this before running ACID.

If you still find problem,right to me,I will send a simple and easier configuration file to setup Snort-MySQL-ACID Setup.


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  Hi all,


  I have done the complete installation of snort on Redhat 9 , mysql , php . The acid console is opening properly but there are no alerts generating. Also I have the following line in my snort.conf file

  output database: log, mysql, user=snort password=password dbname=snort host=localhost


  Is there which is missing ...need ur help








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