[Snort-users] plz help

Sam Evans wintrmte at ...11827...
Sat Oct 16 15:53:00 EDT 2004


It depends on what your machines are connected to.  If they are
connected to a switch, and your snort box is also connected to a
switch, then you will need to put the port that your snort box is
plugged into, into a span/mornitor all mode.

If you cannot do such a thing, then you are out of luck, I am afraid. 
Your best bet would be to make the snort box into a router/gatway and
add another NIC to it.

If you are plugged into a HUB, then your snort box *should* be seeing
the traffic, and it could be a case where the signature you are trying
to test against is not being matched.  Try making something easy,

alert ip <ip_address_of_pc_a> any -> any any (msg: "Test Rule from PC A";)

Replace <ip_address_of_pc_a> with the IP address of machine labeled PC A.

Restart snort ..  If you don't see any traffic, then you've got other
issues at hand (i.e., is snort listening on the right interface?)


On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 13:48:23 +0600, Chandana Bandara
<chandana at ...12108...> wrote:
> hi , 
> my snort placed in same network with the other machines. It has only one
> interface card. 
> PC A --------- PC B ------------- PC C -------- Snort Box -------- PC D
> --------- ....... so on 
> I made ping request PC B to PC D . It is not a nornal ping , added the
> packect size 50 000. This can be unknown attack in the network . 
> But like this alerts why can't detect from the snort ? my snort wont show
> such hits ? where is the problem ? can u all help ....plz ? 
> Thank u 
> chandana 

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