[Snort-users] Can anyone recommend an ethernet tap?

Scot Wiedenfeld scotw at ...6436...
Thu Oct 14 06:09:49 EDT 2004

Martin Olsson <elof at ...6680...> wrote:

> I want to buy an ethernet tap where snort will listen.
> A----Tap----B
>       |
>    Sniffer
> Criteria:
> * 100Mbps
> * full duplex (not a hub then)
> * the throughput between A and B should be almost the same as using a
>   X-patch cable
> * the sniffer port should see both directions of the traffic (if A and B
>   generate more than 100Mbps together, start dropping packets), I do not
>   want two sniffer ports where one see A->B and the other B->A, I just
>   want one port that mirror B<->B

If you're looking for more options:


Scot Wiedenfeld
Just my 2.0134 cents worth (tax included)

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