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Are you on a switch?  If so snort will not see all the traffic.  In that
configuration you either need a true hub (see the archive) or a tap.  First
make sure that snort is working then see if you have a networking problem.
Scan the box or set up a rule to catch all IP traffic

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hi , 
my snort placed in same network with the other machines. It has only one
interface card. 
PC A --------- PC B ------------- PC C -------- Snort Box -------- PC D
--------- ....... so on
I made ping request PC B to PC D . It is not a nornal ping , added the
packect size 50 000. This can be unknown attack in the network .
But like this alerts why can't detect from the snort ? my snort wont show
such hits ? where is the problem ? can u all help ....plz ?
Thank u

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