[Snort-users] Problems with BASE... Need some help

Michael Steele michaels at ...9077...
Wed Oct 13 20:47:21 EDT 2004


I have started the process but Base gives me the same error as ACID:

PHP ERROR: Incompatible version: Version 5.0.2 of PHP is too old. Please
upgrade to version 4.0.4 or later

I'm running the latest Base "base-"

This version apparently has not been patched for PHP5, any newer version out

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> On Sun, 2004-10-10 at 01:03, Michael Steele wrote:
> > You do realize that at this time there are very little differences in
> the
> > actual Base program from the ACID program. If you are using ACID with no
> > problems then I would stick with that until there are some major
> > improvements in the Base program.
> >
> > It's nice to see the ACID code being branched after being ignored so
> long by
> > the original programmer. Now all we need to see is some major
> improvements
> > in the new Base program.
> >
> > Kindest regards,
> > Michael...
> >
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> Hi-
> Michael, I tried to respond to your earlier email and for some reason
> the mail bounced, so hopefully this will get to you, either through the
> mailing list or directly.
> As of the release, BASE has not added any functionality over
> ACID.  We used the release to handle the repackage and clean up of the
> code and to fix various minor bugs that had been reported.  The only
> thing that could be considered a major change was that Chris added
> support for PHP 5.  We also wanted to try and get some feedback from the
> community.
> In the next few versions we are planning quite a bit of changes to the
> code base.  We will be adding user authentication and role basing so
> that you will be able to assign responsibilities within the
> application.  We are also in the process of fixing the various holes
> where the application doesn't check input and is vulnerable to XSS and
> SQL injection.  We will also be adding Oracle support since it has been
> requested.
> As of right now, you can install BASE and point it at your ACID database
> and everything will function.  This will enable you to run it side by
> side with ACID while trying it out.  Our plans are to always include an
> upgrade path for ACID users.  When we make a change to the database we
> plan on doing it in such a way that it will not break ACID, just add
> functionality to BASE.
> We are also looking for any suggestions and help that any one is able to
> offer.  For example, we need some more testers and we are still trying
> to get the web site up and running.
> Again thanks for the interest
> Kevin
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