[Snort-users] trouble compiling MySQL

Patrick S. Harper patrick at ...4250...
Wed Oct 13 16:28:02 EDT 2004

Without knowing what the error is I doubt anyone will have any thoughts.  If
you are a Linux newbie there is a new doc out that uses RPM's (I have them
for Core 1 and Core 2)  Brian put the Core 2 doc on snort.org today.  It is
by far the easiest to Install, use, and maintain/upgrade that I have done.  

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I am following Patrick Harper's Snort/Fedora Core1/Acid/MySQL doc and I am
having trouble compiling MySQL. The only thing I did differently was I did
not install a GUI (no KDE or X Windows) when I installed Linux. I do not get
any errors when I try to compile. Any thoughts? 

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