[Snort-users] Beginner Question

Boecking, Cort cboecking at ...12548...
Wed Oct 13 13:45:36 EDT 2004

Ok, apparently I'm not getting very far.  I'm trying to just compile the
nsi file to make a Win32 file to run on Windows and I keep getting an
error and it is blowing out.   I'm getting this error in the compiler:

LicenseData: "..\..\..\LICENSE"
!insertmacro: macro named "MUI_PAGECOMMAND_LICENSE" not found!
Error in script "C:\Program
Files\Snort\snort-2.2.0\src\win32\WIN32-Prj\snort_installer.nsi" on line
74 -- aborting creation process

Please help a newbie :)

Cort Boecking
Systems Technician
Oklahoma Guaranteed Student Loan Program
cboecking at ...12548...

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