[Snort-users] Snort compiled w/MySQL?

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Wed Oct 13 09:29:40 EDT 2004

Yes, you have to compile it with that switch, and the requisite MySQL
libraries have to be installed on the box you're using to compile. The
easiest way to do that is to install MySQL there, or compile it on your
database server (assuming the sensor and database servers are running the
same OS, architecture, etc). 
In terms of deploying, you can either
1) Link Snort dynamically (usually the default). In this case, you'll have
to deploy the MySQL libraries (I forget which one or ones, but I think it
was just -lmysqlclient) to your sensor.
2) Link Snort statically. In this case, you only have to deploy the Snort
executable itself to the sensor, but it's a little more work, because you
have to determine how to do this in your environment, and if I remember
right, you have to link MySQL statically too.
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I want to have a snort box send alerts to a MySQL database on another box.
Do I still need to compile it usisng "--with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql"? If so,
does this mean that I have to install MySQL on the Snort box even though it
will be sending alerts to another box?

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