[Snort-users] Bleedingsnort: Classification & Reference URL

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Wed Oct 13 00:50:33 EDT 2004

--On 12 October 2004 13:44 -0600 "Archibald, B. Jay @ CSW-SLC" 
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> I have added signatures from bleedingsnort.com.  I have noticed that all
> the alerts are being listed under the "unclassified" classification and
> the URL reference links are displayed as "URL" without a link.
> Could someone explain what I need to do to add the bleedingsnort
> classifications and get the reference links to work.

Only about 40% of the bleedingsnort rules have been classified.

In order to classify the rest, you will need to add 'classtype: xxx;' tags 
to each of the unclassified rules. Similarly, to get the references to 
work, you will need to research the background to each rule and add a 
'reference: reftype,url;' tag. This is a non-trivial amount of work.

Note, however, that you can use oinkmaster to automatically classify rules 
for you, based upon, say, the contents of the msg tag:

modifysid * "(msg:\"(BLEEDING.EDGE )*CHAT.*)classtype:([^;]*);(.*)" | "$1 

will add 'classtype:chat-protocol;' to all rules that have a message that 
begins with an optional 'BLEEDING EDGE' then 'CHAT'. Note that 
chat-protocol is a classification type that I use locally; you could do the 
same, by adding to classification.config, or you could use one of the 
standard classifications listed in that file.

> Thanks,
> Jay Archibald

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