[Snort-users] Re: CAUTION: Long Rant!!! Re: [Snort-sigs] Broken 1429.2 (POLICY poll.gotomypc.com access)

Jason security at ...5028...
Tue Oct 12 20:23:11 EDT 2004

Matt Kettler wrote:


> I imagine Brian is much the same. He may be a bit unpolished in his 
> general emails as a result of being busy, but I imagine that any real 
> flaming from him would be greatly non-subtle in nature.

Like I need to add to this noise but I can confirm that statement with 
experience. Brian is a great guy that works very hard and has the best 
of intentions. If he flames you it will be clear and direct and you can 
be sure that you are not mistaken in the interpretation of his words and 


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